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If you have a small or a local business in Houston and the suburbs, you have a website and you want to reach many potential customers who are looking for your services, then you might want to speak with us.
Ranking web pages for chosen keywords on page one of Google as well as other search engines is what we do!

Our goal is to help your business by driving more internet searchers to your website with the aim of converting them into your loyal customers.

How Do We do that?

We identify keywords which are most searched on the internet and relevant to your business. We then make an assessment about whether those keywords can make you money or not. Our aim is to identify keywords that have the potentials to convert and make you money.

If you want to get more customers who are hungry for your services in your local area,we are what you need. We specialize in search engine optimization for local business therefore we are here for you.

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SEO Services We Offer For Houston Small Businesses

Technical SEO

technical seo

Technical SEO involves the page mechanics of your website. Our state of the art tools will crawl your website and display a bunch of data. We then use our expertise to figure out what needs to be done.

On Site/Page SEO

on page seo services

Our experts use data from our keyword analysis to determine how best to set up your landing pages for better rankings as well as for better conversions. We set your website to rank for profitable keywords.

Competition Analysis

seo competition

We analize competitors in your industry to discover how their websites are performing. Why they are ranking high and you are not? What you need to improve? These are the questions we find answers to.

What Is SEO And How Can It Help Your Business?

Properly conducted SEO campaign will surely have a positive impact on your business whether it is a local, small or fortune 500 business. All it takes is leveraging the power of the internet.

Under this section, we will explain what SEO is, the 4 major components of search engine optimization and the small and little tweaks that can make a difference. SEO is the abbreviation of the term Search Engine Optimization.

Before we continue with our explanation of what SEO is, we would like you to know that we try as much as possible to avoid using overtly technical terms because we want to be as clear as possible for our clients.

We want to explain everything in plain English in order to avoid all forms of misunderstandings just because a technical term is not well understood. Believe us, we know why we are expressing our concerns about this topic as well as others that are related to internet marketing.

When you type anything into the search boxes of search engine, Google being the biggest, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex (Russian search engine), Baidu (Chinese search engine) or DuckDuckGo which is a search engine with a seemingly revolutionary approach to search privacy, you will be faced with the results of pages that have been well optimized for search engines.

We would like to play a sort of SEO game and we want you to participate. It may sound funny but it can give you a clue about how to improve your business. We chose Google because it is the biggest of them all.

1. Go to Google Search and type your business with your location in the search box, see if your website appears among the ten displayed websites or not and then come back to this page.

For instance, if you have a roofing business in Sugar Land, type in “roofing company Sugar land” without quotes into Google’s search box, hit enter and see the results.

2. Now, we want you to scroll down the page and try to locate any page from your website. Whether blog or a landing page, it doesn’t matter.

Is your website listed on the first page? If your website is not the number one listed and not among the ones displayed on the first page of Google research for your preferred keyword or phrase, this may be a thing of concern.

It means that your website is not in the top 10, not even in your very own community. It simply means that your website is not well optimized for searches. It simply means that nobody or very few people know about you or your website.

We can change all that if you want us to do it. Just fill the form and we take it from there. We will get back to you as soon as possible, usually the same day.

How Technical SEO Helps Page Ranks In Google