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I am a very open person and as such welcome everybody to my website. I have been long enough in this business to know that responding to queries, emails and telephone calls is just an element of decency. Therefore, I will make sure I respond accordingly. That being said, I will also require the same amount of decency from your end.

Please pay attention!

1. Telephone Calls
Even though you can contact me through my business phone: +1 832-390-4560, I would rather prefer you send a text message first before you call. Why am I saying this? ROBOCALLS. I have had and still having issues with automated calls so I had to block out unrecognized phone numbers.

Send a text message first by stating who you are and why you want to call me. When I respond with “Go Ahead” then you can call me and then we can speak.

2. Fill In The Form
I still think the form option is the better choice. Simply fill the form and that is it. Your email message will let me know that you are a real person and not a robot.

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