About Me

I have been in this thing called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since 2007. A chance acquaintance combined with my then dire economic status was to trigger something I never thought I had until then. When you are in survival mode, your brain works like clockwork and you are poised to jump at the slightest ray of hope. Such was my situation then. To add to that, I was in a very difficult divorce issue.

How I Started And Became An SEO Expert

Let me be clear on one aspect. You can’t be a search engine optimization expert or any expert for that matter overnight without some kind of efforts and sacrifices. Many sleepless nights, many nerve racking hours and many never ending verbal abuses had to be endured in order to reach your goal.

I Started As An Affiliate

My chance acquaintance introduced me to an affiliate network where he was making a decent income. That was a sweet music to the ears of a hungry and penniless man which I was back then. The CD he gave me had contents which explained how to promote a product online and earn a commission on every sale that closes through your affiliate link. I started to promote herbal health supplements online.

Free Organic Traffic Was My Only Option

The CD explained all the methods to use in promoting a product online. The fastest ways were through paid traffic for which I didn’t have money. The other option was through the slow, time consuming but almost free method of traffic from organic search. This was my only option therefore I had to learn Search Engine Optimization.

I Began My SEO Journey With Free Websites

I said I didn’t have money. Therefore I had to explore free options and started my first SEO steps with a free blogging account at Blogger. After 4 months I started to get commissions from sale generated through my referral links. That was sweet. Since then, SEO and free organic traffic have been my obsession. Now I have many websites and blogs.

Buxykay Is All Over The Place

If you really want to see my SEO footprints since I started search engine optimization in 2007, just type “Buxykay” into the search of any major search engine (without the parenthesis of course). Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duckduckgo or whichever search engine. You will see that I have been around. You may also see my profile on websites that are not related to search engine optimization. That is just because I am also an Electronics Engineer, Microcontroller and PLC programmer.

Helping You Succeed

I have gone through many ups and downs in SEO. My websites survived almost all Google algorithm updates. One of my websites suffered from the Google Penguin update but I managed to get it back on its feet and it is now my most profitable website. All on free organic traffic from search results. That being said, I can help your website to rank on page one of Google for instance for multiple keywords that drive targeted traffic to your website. All you need is give me a call at +1 832-390-4560 or fill out the audit form or the contact me form.

Read My Blogs

I will be sharing with you most interesting things in my search engine optimization experiences, crack a joke or two, air my view on a couple of trending issues etc. You may want to subscribe to my Newsletter and be informed whenever there is something new.